Shawn Robbins

Shawn Robbins

Hi, I’m Shawn Robbins and I have over ten years experience in live events, headshots, and travel photography. I am currently an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, husband and father of a metal loving preschooler (and aspiring drummer). My passion for photography is reflected in my work, punctuality, open communication, and ability to adapt to any shoot. I just love what I do!

My photographs have been featured in ELLE, Rolling Stone, RiFF Magazine, and many other music websites, blogs, and unofficial tumblrs. I also used to produce and host my own comedy variety show called Snob Theater in San Francisco, CA.

I do not have a physical address that is open to the public since most work is done remotely. If you would like to schedule an appointment for headshots or a commercial shoot, contact me directly and we can schedule a meeting.

Based in Saint Louis, MO but is available for travel.